About Us

About Us

Lagom är bäst

Lagom is a Swedish word, with no direct English equivalent. It is most simply translated as “the right amount” or “just right” and that is what we aim to provide with Lagom Consulting.

Whilst we don’t condone breaking into someone’s house, eating their food and sleeping in their bed, we do believe Goldilocks was onto something, when she went in search of porridge that wasn’t too hot or too cold, but just right. Goldilocks wanted what was best for her, not what was right for someone else.

For the Swedes, Lagom is more than just a word, it permeates their culture. They have a saying “Lagom är bäst” which translates to “the right amount is best”, and it is with this value that Lagom Consulting are approaching our work.

Why Lagom?

Lagom Consulting is a professional search & recruitment practice which at its heart aims to provide those who we work with a level of service that is just right. A service that goes far beyond the CV harvesting and forwarding offered by some. Our goal is to find the right fit for you. Like placing a jigsaw piece in a puzzle, close enough isn’t good enough!

To achieve this, we have to go past scanning a CV and having a 10-minute conversation. To fully understand your needs, we need to understand you, your motivators, your goals, as well as a strong understanding of the industry. We do this by being:

Engaged. The vast majority of people we speak to are not actively searching for a new role. Likewise, we are continually engaging with a wide variety of clients, whether they are currently seeking to add to their team or not. Building and maintaining strong and meaningful relationships enables us to do what we do best.

Personable. We’re not into cutting corners at Lagom, but we are into good coffee, and we make an effort to put in face time with all our clients and candidates; allowing us to understand you on a more personal level. We strongly believe a candidate is much more than their CV, and that a job is much more than what is on a position description.

Informed. We believe in immersing ourselves within the industries in which we recruit. For us, this goes past reading the latest press release. You will often find us at industry events, or discussing industry happenings with both clients and candidates.