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Lagom Consulting is a professional search & recruitment practice which at its heart aims to provide those who we work with a level of service that is just right for you. We are experts in our field and embedded within the industries in which we work.

Whether it be providing you with guidance on mapping your career plan, advising you on salary expectations or indeed working with you to find the next career opportunity to move closer to your goals; we will work in partnership with you through your journey providing our expertise where and when we can. Just as you do with your accountant, your lawyer or financial advisor.

We have the absolute privilege of working with a variety of clients, from international companies and household names, as well as some of the most progressive and forward-thinking companies, to family-run businesses carving out their place in the built environment. Working with this variety of clients enables us to not only have a more complete picture of the market but also provides us with the ability to offer a broader range of opportunities to help bring you closer to your goals.

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